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Annona spinescens "Araticum de Espinho"

Annona spinescens "Araticum de Espinho"

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Annona spinescens "Araticum de Espinho" Seeds

Annona spinescens, also known as the "spiny custard apple," is a small and rare tree that is characterized by its spiny appearance. Despite its appearance, the spines on the tree move with the growing tip and are not actually thorny. The tree typically grows up to 6 meters tall and produces yellow-green flowers followed by apple-sized, edible, and juicy, bright orange fruit with orange flesh.

Annona spinescens is widespread but uncommon, typically found in lowland dry forests and gallery forests on sandy soils from Paraguay to eastern Brazil. The tree is well-adapted to drier areas and can be drops leaves annuallydeciduous in colder times of the year.

The fruit of Annona spinescens is highly valued for its sweet and juicy flavor, and it is often consumed fresh or used in the production of jams, jellies, and other desserts. The tree is also valued for its ornamental qualities and is sometimes used as a landscape plant.

Despite its rarity, Annona spinescens is not considered to be endangered at this time. However, habitat loss and other threats to its natural habitat could pose a risk to its long-term survival. Conservation efforts may be needed to ensure that this unique and valuable tree species continues to thrive in its natural range.

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