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Artocarpus lanceifolius "Keledang"

Artocarpus lanceifolius "Keledang"

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Artocarpus lanceifolius "Keledang" Seeds

Artocarpus lanceifolius is a magnificent evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, specifically regions in Malaysia and Indonesia. It thrives predominantly in evergreen forests that stretch up to elevations of 600 meters. Often, it finds its niche in the mid-canopy, nestled on hillsides and ridges, especially within undisturbed or mildly disturbed mixed dipterocarp and sub-montane forests. Some of these trees can even be spotted at higher altitudes, reaching up to 1,500 meters.

The tree itself is a sight to behold, reaching impressive heights of up to 36 meters, with a straight, robust trunk that can measure up to 90cm in diameter. Occasionally, observers might note the presence of small Outgrowth at the base of a tree trunkbuttresses adorning the tree. But beyond its grandeur, the tree also bears fruit, specifically a spiny, yellowish-brown variety. This fruit, around 100mm in diameter, encases an orange pulp that surrounds multiple seeds.

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