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Plinia sp. "Gigante de Goiânia"

Plinia sp. "Gigante de Goiânia"

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Plinia sp. "Gigante de Goiânia" Seeds

Plinia sp. Gigante de Goiânia Jaboticaba is a cultivar that gained prominence within Goiânia, located in the state of Goiás, Brazil. Its reputation is rooted in its remarkable size, often likened to that of an egg. This cultivar is believed to stem from a cross between Plinia oblongata (Ponhema) and Plinia jaboticaba "Pingo de Mel," a combination that could explain both its substantial size (with Ponhema reaching up to 4 cm) and its inherent sweetness (as seen in Pingo de Mel, the exclusive cultivar of Fazenda Jabuticabal boasting over 30,000 trees dedicated to its commercial production in Brazil).

The fruit itself is characterized by its delicate skin, tiny seeds, and an abundant proportion of sweet pulp.

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