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Eugenia itaguahiensis 'Wild Type'

Eugenia itaguahiensis 'Wild Type'

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Eugenia itaguahiensis 'Wild Type' Seeds

Eugenia itaguahiensis a.k.a. Dwarf Grumichama is one of the most popular species for pot cultivation due to its extraordinary combination of flavor, early bearing and rusticity. Belonging to the section StenoThe outermost leaves/petals/carpels/stamens of the flowercalyx (a.k.a. subgenus Eugenia) of Eugenia, it’s been introduced to cultivation in the early 2000s from material cultivated in Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden. Virtually all cultivated specimens of this species in the world descend from Rio’s BG mother trees. Just recently (2021) E. itaguahiensis has been rediscovered (in flower) in the wild, in the slope forest around Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro. The wild type differs in some aspects from the old cultivated strain, as it’s seen in the photos. A must for any Eugenia collector.
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