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Eugenia sp. "Pitangão Amarelo da Unicamp"

Eugenia sp. "Pitangão Amarelo da Unicamp"

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Eugenia sp. "Pitangão Amarelo da Unicamp" Seeds

Eugenia sp. "Pitangão Amarelo da Unicamp" is a small tree that is native to the understory of the Semidrops leaves annuallydeciduous Seasonal Forest, Ombrophylous Forest, and Mixed Ombrophylous Forest in Brazil. It can reach a height of 3-5 meters in the semidrops leaves annuallydeciduous forest and 10 meters in the rainforest.

The fruit is very tasty and resembles the taste of Acerola, but sweeter and more pleasant; has a great amount of pulp that can be used to make juices, ice cream, and jellies. The tree is small and can be cultivated as an ornamental, to attract bees, birds, and wild animals. Fruiting occurs from October to November.

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