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Pouteria butrocarpa "Butter Sapota"

Pouteria butrocarpa "Butter Sapota"

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Pouteria butrocarpa "Butter Sapota" Seeds

Pouteria butrocarpa, an intriguing species, stands as a tree reaching heights of 10-20 meters. Its trunk, enveloped in reddish bark, releases an almond-like fragrance when chipped. Endemic to the Hileia Baiana region, it finds cultivation limited to botanical collections. The foliage forms a spiral arrangement, featuring leathery, obnarrow oval shape tapering to a pointlanceolate leaves that have a glabrous surface.

During May, flowers emerge beneath the leaves. The ellipsoid or resembling an eggovoid fruits, distinguished by their rich oil-laden, pasty pulp (the origin of its common name), offer a delightful taste. Each fruit has 1-3 seeds, and the maturation process spans from July to October.

Intriguingly, Pouteria butrocarpa shares certain morphological traits with Mamey sapote (Pouteria sapota), showcasing a familial relationship.

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