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Salacca zalacca "Salak Gading"

Salacca zalacca "Salak Gading"

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Salacca zalacca "Salak Gading" Seeds

The "Salak Gading" variety of Salacca zalacca, also known as Salak ivory, is a superior fruit hailing from the Sleman Regency of the Yogyakarta Special Region Province. It is highly valued for its economic significance.

This cultivar is recognized by its lighter skin color, a contrast to the dark brown typically seen in other Salak variants. Its flesh is thick and possesses a unique aroma and sweet flavor, although it retains a hint of astringency and a slight sour note.

The "Salak Gading" variety is distinguishable by its bright skin color. The plants typically have greener stems, yellowish thorns, and smooth leaves. Its fruits are larger than the standard Salak pondoh, and their yellowish-white color is reminiscent of elephant ivory, lending to its moniker, Caucasian Salak.

Although "Salak Gading" has a somewhat tingly, drying sensationastringent flavor, its sweet taste and thick, yellowish-white flesh exuding a unique fruity aroma make it appealing. Unlike Salak pondoh, which tastes sweet even when young, the "Salak Gading" variety achieves its sweetness only when fully mature and ripe.

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