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Virola surinamensis "Ucuúba"

Virola surinamensis "Ucuúba"

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Virola surinamensis "Ucuúba" Seeds

Virola surinamensis, commonly known as the "Ucuúba" tree, is a male and female reproductive organs in separate individuals - you need 2 (male and female) for fruitdioecious species that can grow up to 30 meters tall. The bark is coarse, hard, and reddish-brown, with a shallow fissure, while the inner bark is tan with reddish tones on the outer surface. The branches are often spiraled or clustered and extend almost horizontally.

The ellipsoid seed is approximately 2 cm long, with a red specialized outward growth surrounding a seedaril that is fleshy and tasty but becomes bitter soon after being chewed. The species is common in the forest, particularly in older forests, but is likely less abundant than V. sebifera. The species blooms from June to March, with a peak from November to February, and the fruits mature from April to August.

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