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Amorphophallus gigas

Amorphophallus gigas

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Amorphophallus gigas Seeds

Amorphophallus gigas is a rare and hard-to-find species native to the hot and humid jungles of Sumatra. Amorphophallus gigas grows big and large and is often compared to Amorphophallus titanum for rarity and its huge unusual flowers of a plantinflorescence. Amorphophallus gigas grows a large umbrella leaf that is segmented and can reach 8 feet across. The stalk that joins a leaf to a stempetiole can grow to over 8 to 10 feet tall.

The flowers which are dark maroon with a large fleshy spike of minute flowersspadix shooting out the top are just a pure botanical oddity. The stalk that joins a leaf to a stempetioles are also very attractive and can have very different patterns usually colors of lime green, dark green, gray, white, black and everything in between.

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