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Amorphophallus variabilis

Amorphophallus variabilis

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Amorphophallus variabilis Seeds

Amorphophallus variabilis, commonly known as the Variable Titan Arum or the Umbrella Arum, is a species of flowering plant in the Araceae family. Indigenous to Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand and Malaysia, this plant is notable for its remarkable flowers of a plantinflorescence and large, umbrella-like leaves.

The name "variabilis" refers to the plant's ability to exhibit variations in its leaf structure and overall appearance. The compound leaf of Amorphophallus variabilis is composed of several leaflets that radiate outward from a central stalk, resembling the shape of an umbrella. The leaflets themselves can vary in size and shape.

One of the most remarkable features of Amorphophallus variabilis is its flowers of a plantinflorescence. It produces a tall fleshy spike of minute flowersspadix, often reaching several feet in height, which is surrounded by a broad a sheathing modified leaf partly enclosing flowersspathe. The a sheathing modified leaf partly enclosing flowersspathe can display various colors, including shades of green, brown, or purple. The fleshy spike of minute flowersspadix is densely covered with tiny, individual flowers and releases a strong, putrid odor to attract pollinators.

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