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Annona aff. tomentosa

Annona aff. tomentosa

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Annona aff. tomentosa Seeds

Annona tomentosa is a species of plant in the Annonaceae family. It is native to Bolivia and Brazil, and was first formally described by the Swedish botanist Robert Elias Fries. This plant is a small to medium-sized Annona that bears fruits which ripen to a yellow-orange color, with small spines on them, reminiscent of Rollinia.

The fruit is said to be tasty and edible. Annona tomentosa is primarily found in the seasonally dry tropical biome, growing in dry sand dunes. It is native to regions from East Bolivia to Central and East Brazil. Some varieties of this species are known to be dwarf in size. The fruit is known for its sweet taste with a noticeable peppery flavor.

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