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Annona coriacea "Ariticum-Catí"

Annona coriacea "Ariticum-Catí"

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Annona coriacea "Ariticum-Catí" Seeds

Annona coriacea, commonly known as "Ariticum-catí," is a tree that bears fruit from May to October. The fruit possesses an exceptional aroma and flavor, which makes it suitable for direct consumption. Extremely sweet.

This species of tree can be cultivated in urban afforestation projects, such as in parks and squares. Furthermore, it can play a significant role in restoring the cerrado flora since its fruit serves as a food source for animals such as the maned wolf and tapir. As the fruit ripens, its flesh becomes extremely soft and may break under slight pressure, thus indicating the ideal time for consumption is when it is fully ripe.

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