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Annona reticulata "Sweet Orange"

Annona reticulata "Sweet Orange"

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Annona reticulata "Sweet Orange" Seeds

Annona reticulata "Sweet Orange" is another variety of custard apple that is popular for its sweet, juicy flavor. This cultivar is known for its orange flavor and color, and its firm pulp that is highly aromatic.

Like other varieties of Annona reticulata, the "Sweet Orange" tree produces oblong-shaped fruit with a scaly green skin that ripens to yellow-orange. The fruit's flesh is creamy, with a texture similar to custard, and is often eaten fresh or used in desserts, drinks, and jams.

With its distinct orange flavor and juicy, aromatic pulp, Annona reticulata "Sweet Orange" is highly sought after by fruit lovers and culinary experts alike. This cultivar is widely cultivated in many tropical regions around the world, including South and Central America, and is valued for its unique taste and nutritional properties.

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