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Annona reticulata "Torna Sol"

Annona reticulata "Torna Sol"

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Annona reticulata "Torna Sol" Seeds

Annona reticulata "Torna Sol" is another cultivar of custard apple that is widely cultivated in tropical regions around the world. "Torna Sol" translates to "Sun Return" in English, which is likely a reference to the fruit's ripening season.

The fruit of Annona reticulata "Torna Sol" is fairly sweet, with a slightly yellow pulp that has a unique papaya flavor with hints of cinnamon. Additionally, the fruit's meat is chewy, which sets it apart from other Annona reticulata varieties that have a soft and creamy texture.

The "Torna Sol" tree grows up to 10 meters tall and produces oblong-shaped fruit with a scaly green skin that ripens to yellow or brown. The fruit is often eaten fresh or used in various culinary preparations, such as desserts, drinks, and jams. Its distinctive flavor and texture make it a popular choice among fruit enthusiasts and culinary experts.

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