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Annona reticulata "Violet"

Annona reticulata "Violet"

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Annona reticulata "Violet" Seeds

Annona reticulata "Violet" is a type of custard apple with a delicious fruit that has a classic reticulata flavor. The fruit has a bright violet-colored skin that is very pretty and makes it easily distinguishable from other Annona reticulata varieties.

Similar to other custard apple cultivars, the "Violet" tree can grow up to 10 meters tall and produces oblong-shaped fruit with a scaly green skin that ripens to a bright violet color. The fruit has a sweet, creamy, and aromatic pulp that is often used in various culinary preparations, such as desserts, drinks, and jams.

The unique and aromatic taste of Annona reticulata "Violet" makes it a popular choice among fruit enthusiasts and culinary experts. Its distinct flavor and color make it an attractive ingredient for creating visually appealing and delicious dishes.

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