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Annona scleroderma

Annona scleroderma

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Annona scleroderma Seeds

Annona scleroderma, also known as cawesh or poshe-te, is a species of tree in the Annonaceae family. It produces an edible fruit the size of an orange, with cream-colored flesh that has a creamy banana-pineapple flavor. The fruit's texture is soft, and the flesh separates easily from the seeds without leaving sandy grains or fibers that adhere to the seed membrane.

This species is one of the least-known fruit trees of the Annona genus and is primarily grown in southwestern Guatemala and Mexico to Central America. It is noted for its unique structure and is considered one of the most flavorful and refreshing Annonas. The tree grows primarily in the wet tropical biome and can reach up to 20 meters (65 feet) in height.

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