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Anomospermum sp. "Pitomba de rama"

Anomospermum sp. "Pitomba de rama"

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Anomospermum sp. "Pitomba de rama" Seeds

We believe this is Anomospermum steyermarkii but cannot be completely certain.

Anomospermum steyermarkii is native to the rural parts of Manaus, Amazonas (AM) in Brazil, as well as other areas in South America, including countries like Venezuela and Guyana. Found primarily in tropical rainforest environments, this species thrives in warm, humid conditions and rich soil. Its presence in the unique ecosystem of Manaus contributes to the area's rich biodiversity.

Characteristics specific to Anomospermum steyermarkii, including its taste and appearance, are not widely documented in mainstream literature. Some species within the Menispermaceae family are known for medicinal properties or specific fruit characteristics. The appearance of Anomospermum steyermarkii may include features typical of its family, such as twisted stems or vine-like growth patterns.

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