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Annona squamosa "Isan Indigo"

Annona squamosa "Isan Indigo"

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Annona squamosa "Isan Indigo" Seeds

Annona squamosa "Isan Indigo" is a special cultivar of the sugar apple or sweetsop fruit tree with distinctive characteristics. This variety is known for its chewy flesh, raspberry pie taste, and pastel-colored purple skin. It is native to the Americas but is now widely cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

The tree grows up to 8 meters tall and produces round to heart-shaped fruit with a scaly green skin that ripens to yellow or brown. The fruit's sweet, white, and juicy pulp is often eaten fresh or used in various culinary preparations, such as ice cream, smoothies, and shakes, and is particularly favored for its unique flavor profile.

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