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Baccaurea aff. macrocarpa "Milk Kapul"

Baccaurea aff. macrocarpa "Milk Kapul"

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Baccaurea aff. macrocarpa "Milk Kapul" Seeds

Baccaurea macrocarpa, commonly referred to as "tampoi" or "tampui," is a fruit-bearing tree native to parts of Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia. The tree belongs to the Phyllanthaceae family and is found in lowland forests. This particular variety has bright yellow flesh.

The fruit of the Baccaurea macrocarpa is small to medium-sized, often around the size of a golf ball, and has a smooth skin that can range from greenish-yellow to reddish-brown when ripe. The fruit clusters grow directly on the main branches and trunk of the tree, a phenomenon known as cauliflory. Inside, the flesh is translucent and juicy, segmented similarly to that of citrus fruits but with a texture that can be reminiscent of lychee or longan. The taste of the tampoi fruit is a pleasant blend of sweet and sour.

"Milk Kapul" is sweeter that typical fruit, with white instead of the usual translucent flesh.

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