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Brosimum lactescens

Brosimum lactescens

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Brosimum lactescens Seeds

Brosimum lactescens is a tree species that is highly prized for its delectable fruit, which has a sweet melon flavor that is both chewy and dissolves in the mouth. However, due to the tree's large size and the fact that its fruit is often difficult to obtain, little is known about this species. Nevertheless, the fruit's delicious taste makes the effort of seeking it out worthwhile.

The Brosimum genus includes several other plant species native to tropical regions of the Americas. The breadnut (B. alicastrum) was used by the ancient Maya civilization for its edible nuts, while B. paraense's dense and brightly colored scarlet wood is popular in decorative woodworking. B. guianense, also known as snakewood, is one of the densest woods available, with a distinct mottled snake-skin pattern.

In the past, snakewood was commonly used to make bows for musical instruments in the violin family, but it was later replaced by the more workable brazilwood in the late 18th century. Other plants in the Brosimum genus have diverse uses, including timber, building materials, and cultural significance.

Seeds Sourced From Hapa Joe!

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