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Byrsonima arthropoda "MURICI VERMELHO DA AMAZÔNIA"

Byrsonima arthropoda "MURICI VERMELHO DA AMAZÔNIA"

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Byrsonima arthropoda "MURICI VERMELHO DA AMAZÔNIA" Seeds

Byrsonima arthropoda, native to the Amazon rainforest, is a prolific producer of small red fruits. These fruits have a slightly crunchy texture, and their taste is a mix of bittersweet with a hint of acidity. They are perfect for direct consumption and are also used to make juices, jellies, ice creams, and other sweets. The fruiting season stretches from March to May.

This plant thrives in full sunlight and is known for its striking yellow flowers that are a magnet for honeybees. Despite its fast growth, it can be comfortably grown in large pots. The optimal environment for its growth is fertile, moist soil that has efficient drainage.

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