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Campomanesia aff. adamantium "Juice Drop"

Campomanesia aff. adamantium "Juice Drop"

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Campomanesia aff. adamantium "Juice Drop" Seeds

In the magical Chapada dos Veadeiros, in Goiás, Brazil, we find a unique botanical gem: the Gabiroba, or more specifically, the Campomanesia adamantium Juice Drop. This extraordinary variety of Gabiroba, affectionately nicknamed "Juice Drop," reveals itself as a unique expression of nature, challenging conventional descriptions of the species.

Its graceful clumping form, reaching up to 60 cm in height, stands out in the vast cerrado landscape. However, it is in the prolific production of its fruits that the Joice Drop truly shines. When ripe, these fruits transcend typical orange and yellow hues, revealing a sweet and refreshing flavor that is simply unforgettable.

This charming Gabiroba is not limited to its remarkable appearance and taste. It may well represent a unique regional form, a distinct subspecies, or even deserve its own category within the vast family of Campomanesia adamantium. The sweet and subtle nuances in its fragrant notes make Joice Drop one of the most delicious fruits cerrado has ever witnessed.
Unfortunately, this particular variety is at risk of extinction due to the destruction of its natural habitat for land development and the increasing urbanization of the city. As custodians of nature's treasures, it is our collective responsibility to raise awareness and protect these invaluable species before they fade into the realms of memory.
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