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Campomanesia dichotoma

Campomanesia dichotoma

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Campomanesia dichotoma Seeds

Campomanesia dichotoma, commonly known as Gabiroba or Guabiroba, is a species of fruit-bearing tree or shrub belonging to the Myrtaceae family. It is native to South America, particularly found in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Gabiroba is known for its small to medium-sized sweet fruit, which resembles a yellow or orange berry. The fruit not only delights with its delicious taste but also emits an aromatic smell that adds to its allure. When the fruit is cut open, it reveals seeds that bear resin, adding an intriguing element to its composition.

The edible fruit of Gabiroba has a sweet and tangy flavor, often described as a mix of pineapple, guava, and citrus notes. It is consumed both fresh and used in various culinary preparations like juices, jellies, and desserts.

The tree itself is relatively small, reaching heights of about 3 to 6 meters. It features dense foliage with shiny, widest near the middleelliptical leaves and produces fragrant white flowers. The flowers are followed by the development of the fruit.

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