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Campomanesia phaea "Cambuci"

Campomanesia phaea "Cambuci"

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Campomanesia phaea "Cambuci" Seeds

Campomanesia phaea, commonly known as "Cambuci," is a species of fruit-bearing tree or shrub in the Myrtaceae family. Native to South America, particularly found in Brazil, Cambuci is recognized for its unique characteristics and culinary significance.

The name "Cambuci" comes from the Tupi-Guarani word for clay pot, inspired by the resemblance between the fruit and Tupi-Guarani earthenware. This cultural connection adds to the plant's cultural and historical significance.

Cambuci produces small to medium-sized fruits that are round in shape, featuring a vibrant green color when fully ripe. Known for its distinct flavor, Cambuci offers a delightful combination of sweetness and tanginess, often compared to a blend of tropical fruits like guava, pineapple, and citrus. It is consumed fresh and used in various culinary applications, including juices, jams, and desserts.

The tree itself showcases dense foliage with glossy, widest near the middleelliptical leaves, complemented by the emergence of fragrant white flowers. Cambuci trees can range in size, growing as shrubs or reaching heights of approximately 3 to 10 meters, adding to their aesthetic appeal in landscapes.

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