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Campomanesia sp. "Super Guabiroba Gigante"

Campomanesia sp. "Super Guabiroba Gigante"

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Campomanesia sp. "Super Guabiroba Gigante" Seeds

Super Guabiroba Gigante is a newly discovered Campomanesia species that boasts impressively large fruits, ranging between 7-9 cm. These fruits strikingly resemble those of the previously recognized giant guabiroba (Campomanesia hirsuta) in shape and appearance.

They are rounded with notable flattening at their poles and exhibit longitudinal grooves. A distinguishing feature is their exceptionally thin rind that envelopes a fragrant white pulp, which is notably tangy. Interestingly, its flavor is markedly superior to that of the cambuci (C. phaea), which, despite its similarities, has a touch of astringency – a characteristic absent in the new species.

Morphologically, the plant stands as a tree with a dense, columnar canopy and grows to a height of 2-4 m.

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