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Amorphophallus titanum "Titan Corpse Flower"

Amorphophallus titanum "Titan Corpse Flower"

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Amorphophallus titanum "Titan Corpse Flower" Seeds

Amorphophallus titanum has the world's largest flowers of a plantinflorescence up to 8' tall. The giant red vase, with an equally large central a sheathing modified leaf partly enclosing flowersspathe, is truly one of the most fragrant wonders of the horticultural world. The giant leaf atop a mottled stalk that can grow to 15' appears after the flower.

The corpse flower seed stalk, which reaches to 6' tall and holds large red berries, is equally unbelievable. It may go dormant only every 2-3 years and, as a rule, Amorphophallus titanum likes very warm climates!

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