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Annona tomentosa "Ariticum de Moita"

Annona tomentosa "Ariticum de Moita"

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Annona tomentosa "Ariticum de Moita" Seeds

Annona tomentosa is a small to medium sized annona native to cerrados of Brazil, from Goias/Tocantins to San Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul. The plant is a tall shrub reaching 5-7 ft in height forming thickets.

Said to flower in as little as 4 years from seed and should begin fruiting at age 5-7; subtropical and cold hardy to 27 F. In its native range A. tomentosa flowers in November to January and fruits are ripe between March and May.

The fruit are a beautiful yellow-orange with small spines similar to A. muricata. The pulp is said to be very delicious.

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