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Eugenia beauperiana "Ingábaú"

Eugenia beauperiana "Ingábaú"

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Eugenia beauperiana "Ingábaú" Seeds

Eugenia beauperiana, also known as "Ingábaú", is a medium-sized tree native and native/restricted toendemic to the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. It has an elongated canopy of a treecrown and can reach 4 to 6 meters when cultivated and up to 20 meters in the middle of the forest.

The fruit is spherical; globe shapedglobose to widest near the middleelliptical, orange when ripe, 1.5 to 4.5 centimeters in diameter, velvety, and has prominent glands visible as warts when the fruit is very hairy. The pulp is juicy, thick, sweet, and contains 1 to 3 seeds. The fruit is similar to uvaia, but sweeter and tastier and bears from November to February.

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