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Platonia insignis "Bakuri"

Platonia insignis "Bakuri"

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Platonia insignis "Bakuri" Seeds

Platonia insignis, also known as Bakuri, is a tall, evergreen tree with a narrow, pyramidal canopy of a treecrown and copious yellow latex in the bark. The fruit of the Bakuri tree is one of the most popular fruits in the Amazonian region, and is often gathered from the wild and sold in local markets.

The tree is seldom cultivated, but when local people clear land for planting or pastures, they always leave this tree standing for the sake of its edible fruits. The fruit has a white, spongy cellular tissue, rindpithy pulp with a pleasant, subacid flavor, and is yellow when ripe, nearly round or resembling an eggovoid, 75-125mm wide, and can weigh up to 900g.

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