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Plinia sp. Malacacheta Jaboticaba

Plinia sp. Malacacheta Jaboticaba

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Plinia sp. Malacacheta Jaboticaba Seeds

Plinia sp. Malacacheta Jaboticaba was found in the wild near the municipal region of Malacacheta in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil in 2010. The plant was grown by a small handful of Brazilian collectors until it was brought to the USA around 2018. The 2 cm. spherical; globe shapedglobose fruits have a velvety texture, unique greenish bronze striping color pattern from the north to south axis, and a sweet excellent flavor. The leaves are typically <8cm long and the plant consistently flushes new growth. The tree has a dense spherical; globe shapedglobose canopy of a treecrown. Malacacheta is significantly distinct from other Plinias and will likely be described as its own species by botanists in the future.  It's small fuzzy fruit indicate that it is perhaps closest related to Plinia sp. Peluda do Mucuri Jaboticaba, Plinia sp. Sapuca Jaboticaba.
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