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Plinia martinelli

Plinia martinelli

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Plinia martinelli Seeds

Plinia martinelli is a species of tree that thrives in the high altitude regions of Rio de Janeiro state within the Atlantic Rainforest. With a maximum height of 12 meters, this tree boasts rough, brownish branches adorned with hairy-rusty shoots. The oblong leaves, measuring 9.5-13.5 by 4-5 cm, are strongly discolored. Axillary flowers can be seen in groups of 4-6 during the late spring season.

The fruit produced by Plinia martinelli is a smooth, blue-black berry with watery pulp that boasts a sweet taste. The fruit typically contains 1-2 seeds that do not adhere to the pulp. Fruiting typically occurs at the end of winter, with the tree being rare in cultivation and uncommon in its natural habitat.

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