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Diclidanthera laurifolia "Jabuticaba de Cipó"

Diclidanthera laurifolia "Jabuticaba de Cipó"

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Diclidanthera laurifolia "Jabuticaba de Cipó" Seeds

Diclidanthera laurifolia, also known as "Jabuticaba de Cipó," is a vine native to the Cerrado and the seasonal semidrops leaves annuallydeciduous forest of Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais. The plant has a thorny, woody stem and hairy branches, and it can grow on trees or shrubs. Its cream-yellow flowers are bisexual, pentamerous, and arranged in a series with up to 10 epipetalous male reproductive organstamens.

The fruits are oval-shaped berries that grow in clusters, with a thin, smooth skin and sweet-acidic, like gelatin, extremely softmucilaginous pulp containing calcium oxalate crystals and two to four small seeds. They are appreciated for their flavor, which is similar to jabuticaba or grapes, and they usually mature in the summer.

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