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Diospyros inconstans "Marmelinho"

Diospyros inconstans "Marmelinho"

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Diospyros inconstans "Marmelinho" Seeds

Diospyros inconstans, commonly known as Marmelinho, is an evergreen tree with a pyramidal to spherical; globe shapedglobose canopy of a treecrown, growing up to 9 meters tall. The tree has an edible fruit with thin, like gelatin, extremely softmucilaginous pulp that has a sweet, pleasant flavor.

The fruit is not highly esteemed because it contains only a small amount of edible pulp. Marmelinho is found in South America, including Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and the Caribbean. It is an ornamental tree and can be used for street planting under electrical wires because of its small size.

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