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Eugenia acutata "Laranja"

Eugenia acutata "Laranja"

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Eugenia acutata "Laranja" Seeds

Eugenia acutata, also known as Laranja, is a rare species found in the mountains and forests of Brazil. It is a medium-sized tree with a cylindrical or pyramidal canopy of a treecrown, rough bark, and oblong leaves that gradually taper at the base and the highest point or vertex of a plant stemapex. The tree produces white flowers with yellowish anthers and rounded, yellowish or reddish fruits with soft flesh and 1-2 seeds.

The fruit has a good flavor, similar to red jambo, and can be enjoyed fresh or processed into juices, ice creams, jellies, or even dehydrated for consumption. The tree is suitable for urban afforestation, forest restoration, and beekeeping, and its fruits provide food for bird fauna.


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