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Eugenia azeda "Pitanga Feijoa"

Eugenia azeda "Pitanga Feijoa"

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Eugenia azeda "Pitanga Feijoa" Seeds

Eugenia azeda "Pitanga Feijoa" is a shrub or tree that grows up to 9 meters high and is native/restricted toendemic to restingas and semi-drops leaves annuallydeciduous forests on the extreme north of the Atlantic coast. It has greyish trunk with wider at the base than at the midpoint; tapering toward apex. Length:Width ratio of 2:1ovate-elliptic leaves and bud located at the apex; new growth pointsterminal flowers of a plantinflorescence usually with two flowers.

Its fruits have orange-yellow skin and subglabrous, slightly ribbed with a single seed, and a juicy and very aromatic pulp with a pleasant acidic taste, similar to that of Acca sellowiana. It flowers mainly between November and December, and bears fruit from December to January. It can be cultivated as a tropical bonsai or kept in pots.

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