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Eugenia monosperma "Cambucá Preto"

Eugenia monosperma "Cambucá Preto"

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Eugenia monosperma "Cambucá Preto" Seeds

Eugenia monosperma, commonly known as cambuí or pitanga-brava, is a rare fruit species that is native/restricted toendemic to the Atlantic Forest along the coast of Brazil. Its distribution ranges from the state of Bahia to Paraná. The Atlantic Forest is a biodiversity hotspot, and Eugenia monosperma is a unique component of this ecosystem. This tree species is adapted to the specific environmental conditions of the Atlantic Forest, showcasing the significance of preserving this threatened habitat to protect species like Eugenia monosperma.

The fruit of Eugenia monosperma is distinctive, with spherical; globe shapedglobose shape, thin skin, and abundant pulp. The pulp is not only plentiful but also noted for its good flavor, adding to the appeal of the fruit. Conservation efforts are crucial to safeguarding the genetic diversity and ecological role of this species within its limited and endangered habitat. The timing of fruiting, occurring in September to October, further emphasizes the seasonal nature of this unique and endangered fruit-bearing tree.

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