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Eugenia punicifolia "Ovalifolia"

Eugenia punicifolia "Ovalifolia"

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Eugenia punicifolia "Ovalifolia" Seeds

Eugenia punicifolia "Ovalifolia" is a shrub or small tree native to the sandbanks and forests associated with the Atlantic coast. It measures 1-4m and has leaves that vary greatly in shape and color. The plant has exuberant flowering and is an exceptional honey plant, as well as being a great ornamental plant.

Its oval-shaped fruits are 2cm long, scarlet-red in color, and sparsely fleshed, always canopy of a treecrowned by small persistent petals. It was previously considered a separate species called Eugenia ovalifolia but is now part of the synonymy of E. punicifolia, which encompasses great ability to adapt to an environmentplasticity of leaf and fruit shapes.

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