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Eugenia sp. "Grumichama peludo"

Eugenia sp. "Grumichama peludo"

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Eugenia sp. "Grumichama peludo" Seeds

The common name of Grumichama encompasses a small group of round, flattened, long-stemmed fruits from the section StenoThe outermost leaves/petals/carpels/stamens of the flowercalyx (a.k.a. subgenus Eugenia) all very sweet and flavorful (ex: E. brasiliensis, E. itaguahiensis, E. neosilvestris, E. longipedunculata, E. ligustrina, E. neomyrtifolia etc.). The newest, exciting addition to this group herein presented is still of unclear identity, and may represent a new species. It comes from high altitude (c. 1000 m) forests in Southeastern Brazil, which enables it to stand light freezes (frost). Bearing delicious fuzzy fruits (see photos), it’s been successfully fruited in pots.
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