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Eugenia stipitata sp. "Sororia"

Eugenia stipitata sp. "Sororia"

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Eugenia stipitata sp. "Sororia" Seeds

Despite its colossal fruit size, Eugenia stipitata sp. "Sororia" itself remains small, growing to just 2m or even less. Remarkably, it begins to fruit when only two years old, making it an excellent choice for pot cultivation or limited spaces. The sight of such large fruits on a tiny shrub looks very cool.

This unique tree hails from the Western Amazon and belongs to the Myrtaceae family. The rich pulp lends itself to delightful juices, ice creams, and caipirinhas. For best growth, it prefers well-fertilized soils that retain moisture.

While it can thrive in direct sunlight, a bit of shade is more to its liking. 

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