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Garcinia dulcis

Garcinia dulcis

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Garcinia dulcis Seeds

Garcinia dulcis is an evergreen tree with more or less horizontal branches and a dense, pyramidal canopy of a treecrown; it can grow up to 15 meters tall. It has a short, straight the trunk of a treebole that can be 30cm in diameter. he fruits can be eaten fresh, but they are sour. A very acid, soft, juicy pulp. They can also be made into an excellent jam. The orange, spherical; globe shapedglobose fruits have a thin skin and are 5 - 8cm wide with slightly pointed ends. They contain 1 - 5 large seeds that are enveloped in a pleasant flavored edible pulp. The fruits contain high phosphorous and carbohydrate, and are rich in citric acid.

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