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Garcinia sp. "Brazilian cherapu"

Garcinia sp. "Brazilian cherapu"

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Garcinia sp. "Brazilian cherapu" Seeds

This is a delicious species of garcinia, with a very sweet and tasty flavor. The fruits have a smooth, bright yellow peel that is easily broken. Interestingly, externally they are very similar to the famous cherapu (Garcinia prainiana), of Asian origin and the dream of every fruit collector. The tree is small to medium in size and is very productive. Widely consumed out of hand by the caiçara population in its region of origin. The tree has a compact pyramidal canopy of a treecrown, and can be successfully used in landscaping, being especially recommended for planting by the sea. It can be found around the Restingas in the northern region of the State of Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the tastiest fruits from the Brazilian sandbanks.
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