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Grias peruvianus "Sacha Mango"

Grias peruvianus "Sacha Mango"

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Grias peruvianus "Sacha Mango" Seeds

Grias peruviana, also known as the "Sacha Mango" or "Sachamango", is a highly valued fruit in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazonia. Despite its name, it does not belong to the mango family, but rather to the Lecythidaceae family. The fruit is typically found growing in sand/earth left from rivers or floodingalluvial forests and flood lands, especially in the Pacaya-Samiria Nature Reserve in the Loreto Department. The locals have even coined the term "sachamanguales" to describe the areas with high concentrations of the fruit.

Sachamango trees prefer humid tropical climates and clay soils that are rich in organic matter. They can withstand adverse conditions during the rainy season, making them well-adapted to their environment. The fruit grows along the trunk of the tree and resembles a mango in shape, with a coffee-colored skin and orange flesh that surrounds a large white pit. Interestingly, the texture and taste of the flesh is similar to that of a carrot.

Sachamango fruits are typically harvested by hand and peeled using a machete due to the toughness of their skin. They can be consumed raw, toasted, or roasted over coals, resulting in a buttery texture and a taste reminiscent of dried fruit. In addition to the flesh, the growing in a particular place; nativeindigenous populations of the Amazon use the dried bark and pit to make teas with purifying and laxative properties.

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