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Harconioa speciosa "Mangaba"

Harconioa speciosa "Mangaba"

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Harconioa speciosa "Mangaba" Seeds

Mangaba is a drops leaves annuallydeciduous shrub or small tree with a low, spherical; globe shapedglobose canopy of a treecrown,, growing up to 7 metes tall. The crooked the trunk of a treebole is profusely branched and around 20 - 30cm in diameterThe plant provides an edible fruit that is popular and commonly used locally, as well as a latex that has been exported in the past as a source of rubber. It is usually harvested from the wild, but is also sometimes cultivated for its fruit, which are often sold in local markets.

The fruit needs to be very ripe and soft (fallen to the ground) to be free of any latex or bitterness
. Fully ripe fruits have a delicious, succulent, viscous, sweet, aromatic pulp. A pleasant subacid flavor. The fruit can also be made into a juice, sherbet, preserves etc. It is much esteemed as a marmalade in parts of Brazil. The fruit is 3 - 6cm in diameter.

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