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Inga edulis "Ingá cipó"

Inga edulis "Ingá cipó"

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Inga edulis "Ingá cipó" Seeds

Inga edulis, also known as "Ingá cipó," is an evergreen tree that serves as a pioneer in the Atlantic Rainforest. The tree has a wide and low canopy, reaching a height of 10-15m, and is native to the Northeast to the South of the region, where it is quite common.

Its equal number of leaflets on each side of a central stalkparipinnate compound leaves have a winged a stem of a plant, bearing flower stalks in short intervalsrachis with 4-6 pairs of papery, thincartaceous leaflets that are 4-8cm long (referring to the basebasal) and 12-18cm (bud located at the apex; new growth pointsterminal), mainly found in the Amazon region. The flowers of a plantinflorescences form in originating from the axilaxillary spikes with many white tubular flowers and are produced from October to January.

The fruits of Inga edulis are dense and covered with matted hairtomentose vegetables, measuring 20-80cm and having grooves with many seeds surrounded by a dense white flaky specialized outward growth surrounding a seedaril. These fruits have a very sweet and pleasant flavor that is easily detached.

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