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Lepisanthes alata "Johore Fruit"

Lepisanthes alata "Johore Fruit"

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Lepisanthes alata "Johore Fruit" Seeds

Lepisanthes alata is a towering tree that reaches heights of up to 15 meters, with its trunk stretching up to 30cm in diameter. This tree's fruit, which is not only edible but also quite popular, is commonly harvested in the wild for consumption within local communities. Moreover, it's cultivated sporadically in Indonesia for its fruits. Specifically, it thrives alongside forests, riverbanks, and especially on clay soils, going up to 150 meters.

Originating from Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, its fruits are characterized by a thick, fleshy pulp. Appearing as a purple, spherical berry ranging from 25 to 40mm in diameter, it houses 1 to 4 seeds. An interesting feature is the the inner, usually woody layer - the stone in a stonefruitendocarp, which often detaches, forms an specialized outward growth surrounding a seedarillode. Common pollinators for this tree include insects, and it can be found both in the wild and cultivated settings.

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