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Licania tomentosa "Oiti"

Licania tomentosa "Oiti"

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Licania tomentosa "Oiti" Seeds


Licania tomentosa, also known as "Oiti," is a medium-sized tree that is growing in a particular place; nativeindigenous to the Atlantic Forest. This tree is highly sought after for urban afforestation in Brazil, primarily due to its exceptional shading capabilities and its attractive ornamental shoots. The tree produces bright yellow fruits with fibrous pulp and a sweet taste, which require washing, peeling, and scraping the pulp around the core before use. The pulp is ideal for baked, boiled, and braised dishes, where it adds a lovely brownish hue.

Thanks to its highly decorative evergreen foliage, this tree is ideal for planting on sidewalks, avenues, and parks. After planting, the tree will begin to flower and bear fruit within 2-3 years.

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