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Manilkara maxima

Manilkara maxima

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Manilkara maxima Seeds

Manilkara maxima is an evergreen tree that typically grows between 10 to 30 meters tall. It has a small, light canopy of a treecrown and a straight, cylindrical the trunk of a treebole with a diameter of 30 to 60 centimeters. The tree is primarily harvested from the wild for its wood, which is used locally. It is native to the coastal forests of eastern Brazil, which are facing significant threats due to human activities.

The tree thrives in the upper canopy of Atlantic and coastal rainforests, usually in denser, primary forests. It prefers well-drained sites for growth. Young plants initially prefer dappled shade in woodland areas but become more tolerant of light and can eventually tolerate full sun as they mature. Manilkara maxima has fruits that are popular as food for native fauna. The fruits have a like gelatin, extremely softmucilaginous, sweetish pulp that is edible.

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