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Matisia cordata "Chupa-Chupa de Tumaco"

Matisia cordata "Chupa-Chupa de Tumaco"

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Matisia cordata "Chupa-Chupa de Tumaco" Seeds

Matisia cordata, commonly known as the Chupa Chupa tree, is a rapidly growing tree with soft, juicy, sweet, and orange-yellow flesh that has a delightful melon, cantaloupe, and tropical flavor. The fruit surrounds 2 to 3 seeds, which are typically removed before consumption. 

This tree is primarily found in the lowland rainforests of Peru, Ecuador, and nearby areas of Brazil, particularly around the Javari River mouth. It is also a common sight in the western part of Amazonas, southwestern Venezuela, and the Cauca and Magdalena Valleys of Colombia. This particular variety was found along the coast in Tumaco, Colombia.

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