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Melicoccus oliviformis "Pitomba amarela"

Melicoccus oliviformis "Pitomba amarela"

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Melicoccus oliviformis "Pitomba amarela" Seeds

An evergreen tree with a dense, wide, spherical; globe shapedglobose canopy of a treecrown; it can grow 6 - 20 meters tall, but is more usually around 15 meters. The cylindrical the trunk of a treebole can be 25 - 35cm in diameter. A succulent, sweetly-acidulous pulp. The orange-red fruit pulp is somewhat acid but with an agreeable flavor. The yellowy-green, ellipsoid a fleshy fruit with thin skin and a central stone containing the seeddrupe is borne in clusters of 6 - 10; it can be 45mm long and 28mm wide, containing a single, large seed.

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