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Myrceugenia myrcioides 'Roxa'

Myrceugenia myrcioides 'Roxa'

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Myrceugenia myrcioides 'Roxa' Seeds


Myrceugenia myrcioides 'Roxa' is celebrated for its delightful, sweet flavor reminiscent of grumichama (Eugenia brasiliensis). As a member of the Myrtaceae family, it demonstrates remarkable adaptability, tolerating mild freezing conditions. This hardy Myrtaceae variety is an excellent choice for cultivation, offering a delectable taste and resilience even in less forgiving climates.

Thriving above 1,000 meters in altitude, Myrceugenia myrcioides 'Roxa' showcases its ability to flourish in elevated environments. Its adaptability to such heights adds to its appeal, making it suitable for diverse settings and regions with varying topographies and climates.

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